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Why No Inflation?

THERE IS ALMOST NO INFLATION, AND THE MARKETS LOVE IT, as both stocks and bonds are rallying on the news. The Consumer Price Index rose just 1.5 percent in February, and its core without more volatile food... read more

Why the Record Low Interest Rates?

THE 30-YEAR FIXED RATE CONFORMING MORTGAGE RATE fell to a one-year low, according to Freddie Mac, the GSE still in government conservatorship, and major purchaser of conforming conventional mortgages... read more

Q4 GDP Still Good

REAL GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) INCREASED AT AN ANNUAL RATE OF 2.6 PERCENT in the fourth quarter of 2018 (table 1), according to the “initial” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic .... read more

No Recession Is In the Cards

There is a growing consensus among economists that recovery from the Great Recession will continue for several more years. This is in part because there are really no signs of a looming recession. Inflation is still too low, job openings are still plentiful, and housing, the usual predictor of... read more

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