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Why The Record Low Interest Rates?

Housing Market Still Alive and Well!

Why the Falling Home Sales?

Why Record Low Mortgage Rates?

Future Home Sales Also Soaring

Home Sales Soaring

March Existing-Home Sales Spike

Will 2015 Interest Rates Remain This Low?

Pending Home Sales Soar

Government doesn’t Want Fannie, Freddie to Succeed

February Existing Home Sales, Mortgage Applications Dip

Housing Starts, Builder Optimism Dips

No Double Dip Recession - Why Worry?

Housing Affordability Up, Inventories Still Shrinking

Mortgage Activity Continues to Boost Sales

Existing-Homes Inventory at Record Lows

Fed Worried About Continued Growth (A Good Thing)

Dr. Robert Shiller Says No Housing Boom?

Mortgage Quality Highest in Decade

Don't Blame Fannie and Freddie...

Is Rental Real Estate Reviving?

Will Construction Save Real Estate?

It's Very Basic Economics, Stupid

The Good and the Bad News

A Dream House Still Possible

Home Sales Are Rising

When Will Real Estate Recover?

Housing Affordability Still at Highs

‘Cash-in’ Mortgage Refinancing Becoming Popular

Home Sales to Surge in 2010?

Home Sales Show Growing Demand

Home Sales Showing Recovery

Home Prices Surging: Case-Shiller
Index Continues Upward

Pending Home Sales Surge

Purchase Mortgages Surge

Nar Wants Conforming Limits Raised

Mortgage Applications Surge

Existing-Home Sales at 8-yr Low

Housing Starts Continue Decline

August Builder Activity Continues to Decline

Builder Confidence Continues Decline

Pending Home Sales Show Recovery

Builders Downgrade Construction Starts

June Home Sales Not Bottoming

Housing Construction In Limbo

Pending Home Sales Continue Decline Purchase Mortgage Applications Increase

Existing-Home Sales Plunge

Housing Construction Highest in 2007

NAR Sees Home Prices Falling

Pending Home Sales Up

Rising Foreclosure Rate Cause For Alarm?

January Home Sales Cool

Builder Confidence On Rise

Mortgage Applications Top Estimates

Refinance Activity On Rise

Existing Home Sales Continue Decline

Builder Confidence Continues Decline

Nar Home Predicts Lower Home Sales

More Weakness In Builders Confidence?

Pending Home Sales Show Recovery

Housing Sales Stay Robust

No Sign Of Housing Bubbles Deflation

Pending Home Sales Decline

April Home Sales Mixed

Builders’ Confidence Declines Sharply

Home Sales Leveling Out

Builders’ Confidence Declines

What Real Estate Bubble?

Mortgage Applications Down

Mortgage Applications On Rise

Tax Reform Proposals Unfair to Housing

November Signals Seasonal Decline in Existing Home Sales

Fed Regulators Urge Caution on Risky Mortgages

Mortgage Delinquencies Decline

Home Sales Forecast to Hold Strong in 2006

Hurricane After Effects Could Boost Real Estate

September Housing Starts Sizzle

Existing Home Sales Second - Highest Ever

Home Builders Maintain Confidence in Face of Katrina’s Damage

High Mortgage Volumes Indicate Robust Real Estate Sales Will Continue

May New Home Construction Increases

Another Record Year for Home Sales

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