A weekly summary of significant financial news that affects local and regional economies, including actions by Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Q4 GDP Still Good

Can U.S. Weather Trade Wars?

What Is a Living Wage?

A Gangbusters December Employment Report

GDP Growth Still Below Average

Retail Sales Augur Better Economic Growth Ahead

Big Employment Surge

When Will the U.S. Grow Again?

Why Did Brexit Happen?

What Happened to Our Economy?

Middle Class Finally Gets A Raise

5.4 Percent Unemployment –
223,000 New Jobs in April

A Lousy Jobs Report?

Low Inflation Everywhere Is Shrinking Growth

Fed Chair Yellen Still Dovish, Economy Still “Sluggish”

Consumers Key to Future Growth

Higher Retail Sales Point to Consumer Health

The Decline of the West

Signs of Jobs Surge in 2013

Deflation and Our Plunging Deficit

Where is Harry Truman, When We Need Him?

There is No "Double-Dip"

Consumers are Roaring Back!

Don't Blame Our Democracy...

Existing Home Sales Surge

How Do We Boost Economist Growth?

Higher GDP Growth = More Jobs

The 2011 Mortgage Mess

Beware of Extraordinary Times

The Recession is Over

Consumers Coming Alive

Fed Beige Book Confirms Slow Recovery

The Jobs Are Coming

High-End Housing in Recovery

Goldman's Defense - Innocent Fraud?

Why Financial Reform?

When to Tighten Credit?

Do Loan Modifications Work?

2010—Year of the Optimists?

Who Loves Taxes?

Optimists vs. Pessimists—Who wins?

Prospects For Growth

Righting The Yield Curve

Housing Affordability Increasing

Fed Cuts Will Work

Is Credit Easing?

Housing’s Future

Housing’s Future

Third Quarter Growth Robust

Housing's Future

Nobel Economists Benefit Public

(Some) Inflation Is Good

Consumers Are Recovering

Credit Crunch Worsens

Where Is Inflation?

Good Employment Picture

Consumers' Spirits Lift

Odds of Fed Rate Cut Increase

Will Q3 Growth Slow?

Do Adjustables Damage Growth?

The Tyranny of The Markets

Where is Inflation?

Too Much Consumer Debt?

Sub-Prime Delinquencies Hurt Markets

March Madness

Will Flight To Quality Aid Real Estate?

The Inflation Conundrum

Bernanke Moves Markets

Unenlightened Self-Interest

Do We Mention The ‘R’ Word?

No Goldilocks Economy?

Fed Holds Rates Steady

Inflation Easing?

Inflation Worries The Federal Reserve

Whose Default Is It?

Gross Domestic Policy

Jobs And War

Mortgage Market Lowers Economic Volatility

Overvalued Markets

Worldwide Housing Bubbles

Enron’s Lessons

Rent Inflation

Why Inflation?

The Jobs Picture

Our Affluent Society

Will Fed Policies Hurt Real Estate?

More Jobs?

Consumer Expectations Split

What Growth In 2006?

The Mortgage Arm Squeeze

The Gang Who Couldn’t Talk Straight

Housing Inequality

What Inflation?

Jobs and Housing

Surviving Christmas


More Fed Work?

Market Bubbles

Inflation Angst

Which Direction For Interest Rates?

Leading Indicators


Risks & Rewards


The Fed Speaks

Who Will Pay for Katrina?

Survival of the Fittest?

Will Katrina Alter Fed Policy?

What Hissing Sound?

A Soft Landing?

What Conundrum?

Too Much Too Fast?

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